Jade, an American Bulldog mix, has been in rescues since 2009 … that is 8 long years. She is now 8 years old and weighs 60 pounds, and is spayed and up to date on all of her vaccines. She loves to play and hunt lizards and enjoys long walks.  Why she has been passed on every time is beyond understanding, because she is pretty, very docile, sweet, and so eager for any human contact. 
Jade does need to be the only dog.  Unfortunately the time she has spent in various kennels, sometimes with not so friendly neighbors, is the reason why she does not like to be with other dogs, which is very understandable.

Jade has been patiently waiting for a home for all these years.  But now time is running out for her, because she has just been diagnosed with cancer.  We are looking for someone with a big heart who is willing to foster Jade for whatever time she has left, to give her a loving home for the first time in her life.  All of her expenses will be covered by the Rescue; all we need is for a person or family to open their heart to Jade and allow her to live the rest of her life in a loving home, where she can finally relax and enjoy life for the time she has remaining.

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